Rocky & his Bok Bok Gei

This is Rocky and his FAVOURITE toy "Bok Bok Gei"

He can entertain himself for hours with this toy but it's SO NOISY for us!!!!!
Oh well.......becos he is so cute when he's playing it....we just have to bear with the noise and let him play.

Isn't he ADORABLE????

Mommy loves you Baby!!!!


valerie said...

my mom laughed so happily when i showed her this video of rocky!ahahahha.CUTEnya!

Pao Pao said...

ahhaha really noisy leh
i think Rocky is trying to make the toy SHUT UP

marytance said...

rocky is so fat now, but really cute, miss him a lot leh!

wendy'sdailytimes said...

Valerie: Haha...my mom also kept laughing when she saw this video.....

Pao: I know....you havent experienced the real Bok Bok Gei noisiness leh.....Sometimes I really tak boleh tahan and hide it away from Rocky...haha

Mommy: We're trying to cut down his treats and food right now...but his begging skill still keeps him get watever he wants leh....sakit kepala...

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