We Are The Reason

I was listening to some old hillsongs this morning.
Once again, this song touches my heart again and my tears just kept running down from my cheek...
I guess this is the power of God...
Always touches you when you least expected....

Isn't it beautiful?
I hope it has touches you in some way.....


Mothers' Day Pressie

Nick and I went to Dunedin last weekend to shop for Mothers' Day Pressie!

Before our beloved mommies (yup...plural.....My mom and Nick's mom) got the pressie, you guys get to see it 1st!

Esprit Handbag for Nick's mom

Another Esprit Shoulder Bag for my mommy

Inside of the bag

We choose this bag specially for her cos I know she alwasy wanted a shoulder bag whenever she go travel

I lurve this bag!
(please ignore my messy house)

Happy Mothers Day my dearest mommy
and all the moms out there!


p.s. Rocky wanna say something too!