Melbourne @ Federation Square

OK...I really have to start blogging about my trip to aussie now right......
Don't think I can drag it any longer......
So here it is.........

* Day 1 @ Melbourne *

Our flight is at NZ time 7.00 in the morning, so Nick and I got up SUPER early tat day to catch the flight.
One thing good about travelling from NZ to Aus is tat u'll 'earn' 2 hours through the journey. This is because Aussie time is 2 hours slower than NZ

As a results, we had 2 breakkie tat day! yup......TWO
The 2nd brekkie tat we had in a restaurant near ou hotel. It's buffet style. Nick was so hungry tat he even finished the hash brown (which he HATES) and said it was YUMMY~~

We went for a 'Tiki-tour' (pls refer to http://www.nz.com/new-zealand/guide-book/language/dictionary.aspx for the definition of Tiki-tour) to town after the brekkie and realised tat Melbourne is having a Comedy Festival right now and there are many shows performings along the main streets. Above are a few snap shots of a comedian preforming at Federation Square.

More shots @ Federation Sq

People waiting fo the choir performance -----> eventhou it was drizzling at tat time.

Performance started! Choir from xxx Primary School ------> sorRy, forogt the name of the school :P

Tat's us in the rain...watching the show... I look SUPER tired becos I AM SUPER TIRED!!!!!


Up next.......Taste of Australia @ Tjanabi

Stay tuned guys!


valerie said...

miss melb! and nice nail colour i like!

marytance said...

The building is so special.
Is it very far from laoshuyi's house?

valerie said...

wendy where is 2nd day?:P

wendy'sdailytimes said...

i'm so lazy to write.....I'm a fail blogger

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