I'm BACK!!!

G'day Mate!

Wendy is back!!
I have to admit...
I'm really lazy to tidy up all the pictures and writing blogs about my aussie trip right now...
So I'm just gonna feed you all with something else first
(tsk tsk tsk.......lazy wendy)
Ladies & Gentlemen......Boys & Girls.....
Let's put your hand together for
.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.Drum Rolls.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.
Miss Tigerella

Tigerella tomatoes is kinda like a cherry tomatoes with greenish tiger stripes on the skin. The flesh is also redder than the usual tomatoes.

In terms of taste, it is more or less like tomatoes except it's more flavourfull. But the skin is quite tough. Well, in general.....I probably won't buy this type of tomatoes again to replace my beloved cherry tomatoes.

Tat's it for this post. Stay tuned for my aussie posts in the neeeaaarrr future

......at least tat's wat I hope......



marytance said...

Never seen tigerella tomato, nxt time must try.

valerie said...

looks like mini watermelon!so cute!

Carrie said...

never seen this tomato. I like cherry tomato... vy fresh color

marytance said...

quickly upload photos , esp. those in st mary's.

wendy'sdailytimes said...

Mommy: AIyo...I very lazy leh...just like rockly...But I will try to do something today :P

Valerie: I was thinking exactly the same thing too when I 1st saw this tomatoes... we 心灵相通 leh!

Carrie: It's the 1st time I saw it in NZ too....But cherry tomatoes taste A LOT better!

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